7 Reasons Your Content Fails to Resonates With Millennials | Loyalty Marketing & Rewards | Scoop.it

NewsCred Study Reveals:

  • 62% of Millennials Feel Online Content Drives Brand Loyalty,
  • With 77% Crediting a Great Product With Determining Brand Affinity
  • Millennials are most commonly interacting with brands via social media (49%) or a brand's owned websites (54%).
  • Social endorsements, once considered a leading driver in brand awareness and customer acquisition, were shown to have a smaller impact than expected in the NewsCred survey.
  • Only 26% of respondents said they prefer brands their friends use, while 30% shared that they like branded content their friends share and that it helps them discover new content.
  • The majority of millennials (52%) did cite content's relevance to their circle of friends as a motivator in sharing content themselves.
  • Purchase decisions are predicated on content being interesting and educational (35%) as well as authentic and truthful without being 'salesy' (31%).