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30 years on, what would Keith Mills do?

30 years on, what would Keith Mills do? | Loyalty Marketing & Rewards | Scoop.it

The world has changed dramatically since Keith Mills sparked the coalition loyalty revolution, so what would he do today, given new technologies ?

the first club™'s insight:

Loyalty programs have significant challenges (i.e. points expiry, points devaluation, etc) which have still not been resolved. Until consumer benefits are not aligned with programs business model we will not progress. There is one thing we can say for sure is technology allow to reduce significantly the cost of building, running and managing loyalty programs but also make them more frictionless. Blockchain technology is interesting but a number of key issues remain: technical: how the technology behave with very high level of transactions, current test show serious speed challenges; the security is not full proof when you enter and exit the blockchain; If nobody control the data/transactions, what happen if I, as a user, want access to my data or correct a transaction; and what about the currency? Most user want stability in this area. All these challenges need to be addressed in order for distributed ledger technology to be used for coalition programs.

Coalition programs may not be the answer for large brands but certainly a great option for SMEs…

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