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Fears of the Coronavirus keeping your Customers from visiting your brick and mortar business? #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #RetailRelevancy #SocialSelling #RetailBusiness #DigitalRewards #DigitalDownloads #RewardPrograms #Retail Strategy

the first club™s insight:

Fears of the Coronavirus keeping your Customers from visiting your brick and mortar business?

This health crisis can deliver profits in new ways for Brands who shift their business models to stay connected to customers, developing authentic relationships online and offering services they need and want from the safety of their homes.

Amazon and Walmart don’t have to garner all the profits, once the fear subsides and the toilet paper, food and water bottles are stocked in homes, people will want content devoted to entertainment and education, and if your Company isn’t developing relationships online already, now it’s a retail imperative to increase social selling skills and services online.

Stay connected to your customers by adding value and delivering your products in a new way. Have webinars or online education programs sponsored by your Brand, where you teach your customers new ways to buy and interact with your Brand, and tools to save them time and money, the most important things remain keep in communication and add value!  There are more platforms and tools than ever before to shift business to communicate and service customers, add convenience and automate their purchases.

Be authentic, share how things are changing and how your business is being affected and how you are shifting to meet their needs.   Encourage customers to use this crisis to expand on their skills and talents in a new way: sign up for an online course,  read the trade books and sharpen skills on their to do lists,   nd use the travel time they are saving to learn new stuff and reward them for doing so with content, discounts and online learning to create new habits.

In the last week, trade shows are being cancelled or moving meetings online: conversations about SXSW potentially cancelled and companies pulling out.  McDonald’s Corporation has shifted the in person portion of their annual franchisee conference online and JLL reporting entire office buildings or floors closed in cities such as Seattle, and Universities are not allowing students to come back to school after traveling from certain Countries in Europe and Asia until they have a 14 Day self-quarantine, all contribute to a critical necessity of shifting business models.  We still need to work, connect with customers and learn despite fears of getting sick, so companies will need to shift their business model to compete.

Trends to watch include increased online shopping, conferencing and entertainment and working from home increasing from the 43% of employees who work remotely all or some of the time. How can your business help them to increase enjoyment from these activities? of platforms available to allow your customers to buy your product in a new way? Get ready.

#CoronaVirus #Covid19 #RetailRelevancy #SocialSelling #RetailBusiness #DigitalRewards #DigitalDownloads #RewardPrograms #Retail Strategy

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